Manufacturers of quality artisan produced products in Leather, Wood and steel for the BDSM and fetish lifestyles.

The Art of Sensation

About House of Eros

The House of Eros Fetish Collection brand is available for sale through Internet shops and sites as well as through traditional shops and boutiques, proven in the market place it has become synonomos with quality and inovation at an affordable price.

All the products in the range are designed with the end user in mind they are designed to enhance the play senario and designed for comfort in use enabeling longer play sessions.

Wholesale Orders

The furniture ranges are built to order, this enables for adaptations in height etc giving the customer the feel of a more bespoke piece than is normaly available, allowing them greater flexability and choice and ultimatley greater satisfaction in thier product choice.

We offer a fitting and delivery service for the larger items in the furniture range.

The general product range offers a collection of complimentary products that are created by our team of designers all of whom have a wealth of both practical and design expierence. designed to be both astheticly pleasing and durable, all the products have been developed to bring a high quality practical and cost effective product to your customers with a recognisable branding that promotes future sales.

To stock the House of Eros Fetish Collection range contact us using the link below giving your business name, website or shop location with a contact number and contact name and we will get in contact to discuss your options for stocking the House of Eros products

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